SITTING BULL_Sitting Friends

Friends for life


The SITTING FRIENDS embody pure emotion and multifunctionality. Each one of the abstracted animals has its own charm: whether Leo the lion, Jonas the whale, Piep the bird or Elmar the elephant. The 4 friends invite you to play, sit, lie, romp or love. In the process, they conquer the hearts of young and old and find their place in every room.


The SITTING FRIENDS reflect the well-known quality of SITTING BULL. The high end outdoor fabrics from European origin have the following features: lightfastess, waterproof with lotus effect, antifriction and antibacterial. Filled with the visco-elastic ERGO-FILL by SITTING BULL, the 4 friends always retain their shape and are very cuddly. The SITTING FRIENDS family was designed by Susa Stofer and Veronika Wildgruber. Both design simple products that surprise by their materials, manufacturing or functionality. This mixture brought the two designers so far many prestigious design awards such as the IF Design Award for the WARDROPE by Authentics.