This reinvention of the original idea of a beanbag as a new face: ZIPP is a new modular seating furniture with a sophisticated outline and shape. The seating elements are manufactured out of a strong fabric made for outdoor and indoor use, available in 3 discreet colors, provided with a secure double seam, filled with the finest EPS-foam-mixture ERGO-FILL of SITTING BULL in one or two chambers and as a result of that: the shape is amazingly stable. The sofa and stool elements are connected by strong velcro and offer the maximum of flexibility for your garden and terrace as well as for large and small living spaces. All sofa modules can be reinstalled and changed over and over again. ZIPP is endless and follows strictly your own ideas.


The upholstery fabric is ideal for interior and exterior use alike. After an intense stage of development, also including the spinning process, the innovative yarn finally is produced in Europe. It stands for a maximum requirement profile in the field of outdoor fabrics. It is recyclable, easy to clean, highly resistant to light, antibacterial, anti-mould and moisture-resistant and as well as certified according



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